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Overview SCI E/W projects

1946 Sítina, Olesovice, Steknice (CSR)
1947 Lucimia / AFSC (Poland)
1947 Omladinska pruga Samac-Sarajevo (Yugoslavia)
1955 Warzawa (Poland)
1958 Kupino (USSR)
1966 Halle-West (GDR)
1966 Tata (Hungary)

Articles on East-West

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The East-West commitment of SCI since 1946

Since 1946 SCI is involved in the eventful changes and developments in the East-West exchange. The beginn of activities goes back to 1946 with post war relief projects in Poland and Czechoslovakia. With the beginning of the Cold War in the late 1940s, SCI set up a continuously exchange with several communist countries from 1955 on. In co-operation with socialist volunteer organisation workcamps were organised. This contacts were intensified in the 70s in order to facilitate volunteer exchange. Since the political shift in 1990s new SCI initiatives started in Eastern Europe.


SCI Archives Files in SCI Archives


The SCI Archives owns an extensive documentation about activities in East/West Coordination which can be consulted in the reading room of the library in La Chaux-de-Fonds.

See also East-West involvement of SCI Germany (1946-1968) with an extensive list of documents online.



  • Veliko Tarnovo 1985 (Bulgaria)
    (3 Images)

  • Warsaw 1955 (Poland)
    (10 Images)

  • Cisna 1958 (Poland)
    (10 Images)

  • Printed matters East-West
    (9 Images)

  • Volunteers of OHP, Warsaw 1977? (Poland)
    (4 Images)

  • Printed matters Belarus
    (4 Images)

  • Minsk 1988
    (7 Images)

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