SCI Anniversary

Service Civil International

Pierre Ceresole Exhibition

Where to see

12.03. - 30.03.2012


Luzern (Switzerland)


11.01. - 4.02.2012

Stadtbibliothek Winterthur am Kirchplatz

Winterthur (Switzerland)

Inauguration: Wednesday, 11. January 2012, 18.30 Uhr.


28.03. - 9.04.2011

L'hôtel de ville

LAUSANNE (Switzerland)


3. - 10.Dezember 2010
Friedenswoche St.Gallen

Offene Kirche St.Gallen
Böcklinstrasse 2
9000 St. Gallen (Switzerland)

Invitation (PDF)


10.Dezember 2010, 21 Uhr
Party for peace

Im Tüwi
Peter-Jordan-Strasse 76
1190 Wien (Austria)

Invitation (JPG)


25.09.2010 - 15.01.2011

Bibliothèque de la Ville
LA CHAUX-DE-FONDS (Switzerland)

Invitation (PDF)


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Anniversary Service Civil International 1920 - 2010

SCI Logo 1931

In 2010 SCI celebrates its 90th anniversary. In 1920 the first workcamp was organised in the war damaged village Esnes near Verdun.

A campaign with the working title "Provoking Peace" is in preparation, which will focus on the beginning of SCI and its founder Pierre Ceresole. At the moment several projects are planned and or sketched.

Pierre Ceresole Exhibition

In cooperation with the Bibliothèque de la ville La Chaux-de-Fonds and exhibition following the biography of Ceresole is planned.

Ceresole Walking Tour

The walk follows the path of the controversial journeys of Pierre Ceresole to Germany. This journey are well documented and offer interesting topics for discussions on SCI and peace.

Photo competition

Three historical workcamp photos are given, which shall be imitated in nowadays workcamp.

Veteran memories

Publication of SCI of the book "Breaking down the barriers on the website of SCI Archives with memories of SCI volunteer veterans.

Anti War Action

International campaign in the frame for SCI 90 years anniversary.

The first SCI workcamp

An archives documentation with many original documents from the first SCI workcamp in 1920.

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