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Conditions of use of material of SCI International Archives

Material from SCI International Archives like, documents, photos, audio & video tape and the content of this website can be used with the following restrictions:

I) Publication within Service Civil International (SCI)

By using of material from SCIIA for activities in the frame of SCI e.g. SCI international working groups, SCI branches or groups, it has to be mentioned, that material was made available from SCI International Archives. At minimum the name of Archives has to be given as follows "SCI International Archives". If possible origin and year of a document, photos or publication has to be indicated.

II) Publications with information about SCI

By using material from SCIIA for publication for a wider public and where about SCI and its activities is informed (e.g. newspaper, exhibition) the name "Service Civil International" has to be indicated in the publication. If possible origin and year of a document, photos or publication has to be indicated.

III) Research

By using material from SCIIA for research with intend for publication, documents the SCIIA file no. has to be quoted in the publication with a as shown in the following example "SCIIA 43'271.1". In the list of sources SCIIA has to be quoted as follows:
"SCIIA - Service Civil International - International Archives, Bibliothèque de la ville, La Chaux-de-Fonds (Switzerland)".
Optional the website can be mentioned:
The international Archives reference according the ISAD-G standard of SCIIA is: "CH NECFBV SCI"

IV) Photos and Medias

All photos or medias like movies, the author has to be mentioned if it is known.

V) Other purposes

It is not allowed to use the material for other purposes (e.g. commercial product advertisement), than mentioned here


L'emblème de la paix constructive (1931)


SCI International Archives
Bibliothèque de la ville
Rue du Progrès 32
CH-2300 La Chaux-de-Fonds

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